Learn how to bulid your online business
with these
12 steps to online success

without picking up the phone and harrasing family and friends.

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Josh, David, and Jason are very professional and present each topic in such a way that is easy to understand and put into action. I'd highly recommend their new product, The 12 Steps to Online Success for anyone who is ready to be inspired to take their online business to the next level and beyond!
- Aaron Martinez

Are you ready to learn the
12 steps to online success

Josh Bayless
Team Building specialist

Jason Lockhart

David Williams
Online Traffic Expert

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  • Josh, when you told me you and your two friends are creating "The Monday Night Mastermind 12 Steps To Online Success" I knew it would be something you'd be perfect at! Talk about helping people achieve success - with your story, your experience and your dedication to excellence, you are going to help people in a whole new way! I love seeing you rock your business...and now you're helping others do the same! So awesome! I can't wait to see the success stories this product will bring to our profession!

    Bonnie Cribbs

  • I've known Josh Bayless since he first started in internet marketing. When he first told me he was making a product called The Monday Night Mastermind 12 Steps To Online Success with two other leaders in the industry, Jason Lockhart and David Williams, I knew it would contain a ton of value and provide all those who purchase the product with a clear road to success online. I'm proud to say I played a part in Josh's development as a leader in this industry, which is why I'm completely confident in his new product.

    Mike Hobbs

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12 Steps to Online Success

This 12 Steps process will show you how to finally have success in your business,
and cut out the nonsense that is holding you back.

Module 1 : Beginner Training - The Basics

Steps 1: Change Your Mindset

  • Basic Terminology
  • Daily Commitments
  • Understanding Your Avatar

Steps 2: Creating your Vision

  • Determine Your why
  • craft your vision
  • outline your goals

Steps 3: Time Management

  • time management strategies
  • time management tools
  • email auto-Responder

Steps 4: Branding Yourself

  • branding strategies
  • branding tools
  • creating a facebook page

Module 2 : Intermediate Training - Marketing/Sales

Steps 5: Developing A Sales Funnel

  • Developing A sales funnel
  • Developing A Bridge Page
  • Developing A Capture page

Steps 6: Free Traffic Generation

  • Blogging startegies
  • facebook marketing strategies
  • youtube marketing strategies

Steps 7: Paid Traffic Generation

  • Facebook marketing strategy
  • Twitter marketing strategy
  • Solo Ad marketing strategy

Steps 8: Closing the Sale

  • Typical closing questions
  • the future is in the follow up
  • closing Methodology/closing your warm market

Module 3 : Advanced Training - Building A Team

Steps 9: Develop your Team Culture

  • what is team culture?
  • team building strategies
  • how to build a strong team culture

Steps 10: Duplication Strategies

  • outsourcing overview
  • outsourcing strategies
  • Duplication Techniques

Steps 11: Team Events

  • Attending company events
  • creating events after company event
  • creating your own live team events

Steps 12: Identify Your Leaders

  • Identifying leaders
  • growing leaders
  • enhance yourself through personal coaching

But Wait, There's More !
Special Bonus Trainings

Bonus Training #1
with the Purchase of product

One 30 minute coaching call on how to build your list
  - A PDF copy of a current list of quality solo ad providers

One 30 minute call to review one social media account

One 30 minute vision call to set your vision
  - A PDF vision guide

A current video on free traffic generation techniques

Bonus Training #2
with the Purchase of the Full Package

One hour coaching call on how to build your list rapidly
  - A PDF copy of a current list of quality solo ad providers

Personal Introduction to quality solo ad providers

Video on how to communicate with your list to create loyal, raving followers

Video on how to create a lead magnet

One hour coaching call to review 1 social media account
  - A walk-through video for enhancing that account and an action plan going forward (after the review is done)

One 30-second branding video will be created for branding yourself/or your product

Current video on free traffic generation techniques

One 30 minute vision call to set your vision
  - A PDF vision guide

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The Monday Night Mastermind
12 Steps To Online Success

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Step 1: The Basics $300
Step 2: Creating Your Vision $300
Step 3: Time Management $300
Step 4: Branding Yourself $300
Step 5: Developing a Sales Funnel $300
Step 6: Free Traffic Generation/ Marketing $300
Step 7: Paid Traffic Generation/ Marketing $300
Step 8: Closing The Sale $300
Step 9: Develop Your Team Culture $300
Step 10: Duplication Techniques/Outsourcing Strategies $300
Step 11: Team Events $300
Step 12: Identify Your Leaders $300
Bonus 1: Coaching Call, Vision Call, Additional Traffic Tips $500
Bonus 2: All Bonus 1 Material & Additional Training Videos $1500

Total Value $5600

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  • The training material will be available for download once your make your purchase.
  • The training takes place during the Monday Night Mastermind webinar, Monday night at 8pm eastern standard time.
  • Individual coaching calls will take place based on your availability and the availability of the coaches on an agreed upon time.
  • Every group training session will be recorded and uploaded into the Monday Night Mastermind Facebook group where you will have ongoing access.
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